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WealthBuilder Loans

Refinance into a WealthBuilder Loan

What is Eligible

  • Personal Loan
  • Credit Card

If you are carrying a high interest rate personal loan or credit card, then you may be eligible to refinance into a lower rate WealthBuilder loan. 


  • Lower interest rate
  • Automatic contributions into a savings account help you save by lowering your interest rate, and these funds become accessible after payoff.


How it Works

While your individual situation may be different, here’s one common scenario:  

  • As a member of Self-Help Credit Union, you go through our standard consumer loan application process.
  • We approve you for a WealthBuilder loan at a lower interest rate than the personal loan or credit card to be refinanced. 
  • The amount of your approved WealthBuilder loan is used to pay off the remaining balance of your high interest rate personal loan or credit card.  
  • You make monthly payments to Self-Help Credit Union until you’ve paid off your WealthBuilder loan in full. 
  • A portion of your monthly payment amount gets set aside in a Self-Help Credit Union savings account, and is made available to you after your loan is paid back in full.

When compared to a high interest rate personal loan or credit card, the lower interest rate that you qualify for with your WealthBuilder loan reduces the amount of interest paid over the life of the loan.


The WealthBuilder loan is making a difference in the lives of our members. (photo of borrower Lakeisha Wilson).