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Financial Coaching

Free financial coaching – a benefit of your credit union membership

As a member of Self-Help Credit Union, you have access to free financial coaching services. Our expert financial coaches provide one-on-one personalized support and guidance in a trusting environment so you can tackle your short- and long-term goals.


There are two ways to access your free financial coaching:

  1. Members in select cities can connect with a Self-Help financial coach right in the branch! In-branch coaching is available in Charlotte, Durham, Rocky Mount, Wilmington, Wilson and Windsor, NC; Columbia and Greenville, SC; and Jacksonville and Winter Park, FL.
  2. All members can get free financial coaching and other resources through our trusted nonprofit partner GreenPath.

Your financial coach will work with you one-on-one to develop an PERSONALIZED ACTION PLAN to reach your financial goals.

Based your specific financial circumstances, your coach will work with you to:

Franja Brown financial coaching
Whether you are saving for a vacation with your family, planning to purchase a home or car, or preparing for retirement, a strong savings habit can help you get there. Together, you and your coach will make a savings plan that works for you.
Credit doesn’t have to be a mystery. Your coach can help you identify specific steps to improve your credit profile and raise your credit score — whether you’ve experienced credit challenges in the past or have little to no credit to start with.
Unwanted debt can be a source of stress and can get in the way of you achieving your goals. It can be hard to know where to start. Our coaches will work with you to develop a plan to tackle your debt one step at a time.
Your coach understands what it takes to help you qualify for a home or auto loan. Working closely with Self-Help loan officers, your coach will help you develop an action plan specifically designed to get you approved for your loan.
Are you looking to buy a home? Start a business? Build up an emergency fund? Your coach will work with you to develop an action plan specific to you that will help you take the steps needed to make it happen.


Connect with GreenPath or contact an in-branch financial coach in your city—and start working towards your financial goals today!